Our Consultancy wing; PE Management Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd too goes beyond the “terms of reference” of an assignment and give advice and guidance on the options available in a given situation.

The main categories of services provided by us are:

Management Consultancy & Business Advisory Services.
Accounting work.
Packaging funding arrangements.
Preparation of applications for approvals for foreign investors (Board of Investment of Sri Lanka).
Preparation of applications for Tourism/Hotel Approvals.
Advising and participating in negotiations of Company buy-outs.
Preparation of Commercial Agreements; vis. Investor Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Employee or Investor Share Ownership Agreements, Partnership Agreements.etc
Introduction of Accounting Systems, Cost Control Systems, Budgetary Systems, Computerisation of Accounts.
Restructuring of Companies.
Provision of Computer Bureau Services; Accounting, Salaries, etc.
Company/Corporate Secretarial Advisory Services.
Giving opinions on Company Law and practices.
Acting as the Secretariat for Corporate Planning with technical inputs.
Providing Executive Staff Recruitment and Head Hunting.
Acting as Trustees for Buyers/Sellers of Businesses.
Due diligence studies.

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