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    Audit & Assurance

    • Our approach is designed to provide owners and stakeholders with a high level of confidence in the end result.


      The range of audit and assurance services offered by Baker Tilly Edirisinghe & Co. adds value whilst fulfilling our responsibility to report independently to an entity’s shareholders. We ensure that your financial statements properly reflect your business position. As a part of the audit review process our team will identify risk factors and alert management allowing you to stay ahead of the game. Our professionals work closely with your staff to maintain maximum efficiency and effectiveness in the financial reporting process.


      Enhancing the value of your business

      Our audit and assurance service encompasses inspection and assessment
      of financial statements and relevant assertions. Each audit is unique and we plan our audits to achieve an in-depth understanding of your business operations. We then assign the appropriate individuals and design the audit process to match your specific circumstances. We discuss the key factors that affect your business and major developments which have occurred during the year. We avoid tests that are of little or no relevance to key areas of your business. We use where possible high-end analysis on a risk-based model as the basis for our audit and related recommendations that we provide.


      Satisfying your compliance needs

      Baker Tilly Edirisinghe & Co. is committed to staying at the forefront of the technical and regulatory change. Our Technical and Regulatory– is headed by two Qualified Assurance partners with full-fledged experience working with audit committees, in-depth knowledge of Accounting and Auditing Standards. Our connectivity helps our clients gain information and know-how about the latest developments in this area. Our highly experienced technical team provides advice and assistance on regulatory matters.


      Other areas where we can help

      Our expertise also extends to an array of non-statutory assurance services
      such as:

      • Special Audits for mergers and acquisitions.
      • Audits of Corporate, Govt.-Institutions and Non-Corporate Clients, banks, Estates.
      • Due Diligence Reviews
      • Special Audits in connection with
      • Business Valuations for buyers & sellers.
      • Certification on Financial performance used mainly for Govt. Compliance.
      • Internal Audit assignments.
      • Consulting Services on technical, accounting and financial reporting issues


      Baker Tilly Edirisinghe & Co. also provides assurance services for various
      charities and not-for-profit organizations.



      • Experienced Audit Teams
      • Open Communication
      • Effective Data Analysis
      • Candid Professional Advice
      • Pro-active Responses
      • Risk-based Audit Focus