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    Business advisory

    Our Consultancy wing; PE Management Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd too goes beyond the “terms of reference” of an assignment and give advice and guidance on the options available in a given situation. 

    The main categories of services provided by us are: 

    • Management Consultancy & Business Advisory Services. 
    • Accounting work. 
    • Packaging funding arrangements. 
    • Preparation of applications for approvals for foreign investors (Board of Investment of Sri Lanka). 
    • Preparation of applications for Tourism/Hotel Approvals. 
    • Advising and participating in negotiations of Company buy-outs. 
    • Preparation of Commercial Agreements; vis. Investor Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Employee or Investor Share Ownership Agreements, Partnership Agreements… 
    • Introduction of Accounting Systems, Cost Control Systems, Budgetary Systems, Computerisation of Accounts. 
    • Restructuring of Companies. 
    • Provision of Computer Bureau Services; Accounting, Salaries, etc.. 
    • Company/Corporate Secretarial Advisory Services. 
    • Giving opinions on Company Law and practices.
    • Acting as the Secretariat for Corporate Planning with technical inputs. 
    • Providing Executive Staff Recruitment and Head Hunting. 
    • Acting as Trustees for Buyers/Sellers of Businesses.
    • Due diligence studies