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The Firm’s philosophy as Auditors extends beyond “expressing an opinion”
on the financial statements. As routine practice we advice all Audit
Clients on weak areas in their accounting, effective use of resources and
savings on taxes.

We are one of ten Audit Firms approved by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka who are approved for statutory Audits of Banks & Financial Institutions including Finance companies.

Resources of the Firm

The Firm’s staff of over 70 has the technical expertise and experience to efficiently and professionally carry through an assignment with success. The Firm also has in-house professional education programs with emphasis on practical situations. There is also a practice of Baker Tilly International for “work reviews” when Partners of member Firms visit each others countries. The Chartered Accountants of the Firm have had good exposure to fundamentals, with major emphasis on advising on “what if” situations. Our Founder Partner is considered one of the best Management Consultants in Sri Lanka, while the other Partners are well known for their expertise in Taxation and Corporate Secretarial Services. In addition to the nine Chartered Accountants, there are Three competent and experienced Tax Managers and two Corporate Secretarial Managers. All Staff members are computer literate and we operate in a total computer environment.

Client Portfolio

The Client Portfolio includes a large and diverse clientele including local operations of multinationals, quoted companies, non-quoted companies and well known individuals.

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