With our tax specialists as your advisors, you benefit from our thorough knowledge of the tax practice in the Middle East region and international tax laws combined with a sound understanding of your marketplace. Our integrated approach delivers significant improvements even to the most complex tax assignments.

For many years Baker Tilly Edirisinghe & Co. has been at the forefront of taxation developments. Hence we have developed particular specializations drawn from serving our diverse client base. We offer a full range of year-round taxation services both local and expatriate for personal and business clients. Whether you require routine annual compliance for your business or specialised advice to support your strategies, we will plan for and identify issues that address your situation as a whole, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Savvy Planning at Every Level

You can expect Baker Tilly Edirisinghe to give efficient and effective taxes advice by formulating bespoke solutions based on your unique circumstances. All our taxation services begin with a starting point for maximising of real value for your taxation. Our advisors will become familiar with your objectives and finances, and will work in anticipation of your needs. We will help you identify alternatives, understand the commercial considerations, and structure transactions in a way that achieves your objectives. Our proactive expert-led team will work closely with you and provide the assurance of meeting all tax compliance responsibilities in an accurate and timely way. With an established tax practice across our all offices , Baker Tilly Edirisinghe & Co. has extensive experience working with the Inland Revenue Department.

Proficient Tax Solutions

Baker Tilly Edirisinghe & Co. can help you plan a tax-efficient approach to every aspect of your interests locally and worldwide. We maintain a close working relationship with Baker Tilly member firms to advise on corporate, indirect and personal taxes. Our advice helps in reducing the effective tax rate, removing tax uncertainties, and achieving value through real cash savings. Our tax specialists have been involved in assisting a number of sizeable companies achieve their business aspirations in the Middle East region, while aligning with the overall group and parent company tax strategies.

We provide solutions for both direct as well as indirect taxes. Our expertise for the VAT / NBT and other indirect is unique for our clients.

Our Services include:

Tax Planning and Investments covering Income Tax, Sales Tax, and other Taxes.
Advising and giving opinions on the Interpretation of Statutes.
Representing clients with the Inland Revenue Authorities for negotiation, arguing appeals.etc
Preparing Tax Computations, Tax Returns, Capital Computations for Tax Authorities.
Attending to Tax Payments of Clients.
Submitting appeals and objections in terms of the laws.
Assisting clients in Tax Court Cases.

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